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Sri Anand KaushalNational President
Dr. Madho SinghNational Vice President
Shri Sanjeev AhujaNational Vice President
Dr. LeenaNational Vice President
Dr. Amit RanjanNational General Secretary
Shri Amitabh OjhaNational General Secretary
Shri Manjesh KumarTreasurer
Shri Madhup Mani Pikku (cum-Bihar in-charge)National Secretary
Shri Chandan KumarNational Secretary
Shri Suraj KumarNational Secretary
Shri Vivek KumarNational Secretary
Shri Mithilesh MishraNational Joint Secretary
Shri Nalini BhardwajNational Joint Secretary
Shri Shailendra JhaNational Joint Secretary
Shri Ravi Shankar SharmaNational Joint Secretary
Shri Chandan RajNational Joint Secretary
Akbar ImamOffice Secretary
Shri Ram Balak RoyOffice Co-Secretary
Shri Manokamna SinghCo-Treasurer
Shri Abhishek Kumar SinghOrganization Minister
Shri Gautam GiriyakNational Executive Member
Shri Sanjay Kumar PandeyNational Executive Member
Shri Nishant RajNational Executive Member
Shri Chandan Kumar ChanchalNational Executive Member
Shri Rajeev RanjanNational Executive Member
Shri Abdul HakimNational Executive Member
Shri Azad Kumar BhartiNational Executive Member
Shri Vijay Kumar SinhaNational Executive Member
Shri Amit KumarNational Executive Member
Shri Murli Manohar SrivastavNational Spokesperson/ Media Incharge