Does and Donts’

Self- regulations (Does’ & Dont’s) of WJAI

Duties and Responsibilities of Web Journalist/ Portals:

1. The web journalists shall possess/develop the following basic qualities: News sense, clarity, objectivity, accuracy, alertness, inquisitiveness, time consciousness, patience, imagination, farsightedness, credibility, self-control, integrity, sincerity, fearlessness, tactfulness, mobility, enthusiasm, readiness to face challenges, reading and research habit.

The web journalists/ portals shall endeavor to:

a. Maintain high professional standards with the obligation to verify the correctness and veracity of the news disseminated.

b. Seek out the truth in the larger interests of the people which imposes a greater responsibility on the media to be informed and educated.

c. Defend freedom of information, freedom of opinion and the independence and dignity of the profession of web journalism.

d. Rectify immediately any bonafiedly published news that is revealed to be factually incorrect.

e. Respect the professional secrecy/privacy and not to reveal the source of any information obtained in confidence.

f. Respect human dignity and privacy insofar as the public interest does not demand otherwise with the view to preserve the sanctity of the Indian Constitution.

The web journalists/ portal shall not:

i. Publish false, fake, malicious or scandalous news.

ii. Publish information, documents and images or sound recordings of which the origin is unknown to the journalist.

iii. Suppress information or any essential elements of a story.

iv. Misrepresent or manipulate any information, text, document, image, sound recording or people’s expressed opinions.

v. Use methods/ means prohibited by law to obtain information, recordings, images or documents.

vi. Deliberately publish news leading to discrimination on the basis of person’s ethnic or national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, illness, physical or mental handicap.

vii. Plagarize by passing off the work or ideas of others representing as one’s own.

viii. Accept any advantage or promise that could limit his/ her professional independence or expression of opinion.

The web journalists/ portals shall remember and keep in mind that:

A. Public interest is not what people are interested in. In fact, it is more sublime responsibility that functions within the confines of innate and contemporary social values and broader human welfare. Our commitment to live up to them cannot be allowed to be regulated by any State or State-sponsored institution. Hence self-regulation is the best regulation.

B. Ignorance of law is not an excuse. The web journalists are expected to peruse, understand and comply with the laws/ statutory provisions so as to avoid violation of the relevant Sections of Indian Penal Code 1860 particularly those pertaining to defamation (Section 499), disclosure of identity of victims of certain crimes (228A), provisions of The Information Technology Act 2000, law of contempt and other applicable acts/ regulations. The web journalists/ portals shall follow the constitutional mandate regarding reasonable restrictions on the freedom of speech and expression in the interests of the sovereignty and integrity of India, security of the state, friendly relations with foreign states, public order, decency or morality, or in relation to contempt of court, defamation or incitement to an offence.